Timii – The Ultimate Task Timer

Ever wonder where the time went or how you got so little done? Life is short. Start recording it by making time tracking a habit with Timii the ultimate task timer.


Swipe and Go.

It’s easy to track your most important or dullest tasks, with one click. Swipe up or down to find the task you wish to track and Logger counts to three before it starts to track it.


Tap a task. Tap a duration. Go.

Set a timer for a task and Countdown will take care of the rest. Start by choosing a task. Second, choose your duration. And that’s it. Swipe up while Countdown is running to see relevant task statistics.


Add. Edit. Delete.

Simply add, edit, and delete tasks you wish to track. Swipe right to edit a listed task, or swipe left to delete it. It’s that simple.


Your efforts recorded.

View your recorded timed tasks by day, week, or month. Every second of every minute is captured and grouped and displayed by tasks. Records will also show the number of sessions recorded.