How To Turn Your Garage Into A Smart Garage

Did you ever want to know if the garage bin is full, or if someone came home and parked the car in the garage, or if your plants need watering?All it takes is adding a wireless sensor to the thing you wish to track.  Connect a NODii to a Soil Moisture sensor and you can track if the plants need watering.  Pair a NODii with an IR sensor and install them inside each garbage bin and track if you need to empty your recycle bins.  Place a NODii plus an IR sensor on the floor of each parking space and track if someone just came home or if a car port is occupied. Pair a NODii with an IR sensor and a Relay switch and you can open and close the garage door as well as know if you left the garage door open or closed.

In future tutorials we will take each example and work through what is needed to turn your average garage into a smart garage.

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