How to install Node.js in 3 Easy Steps

How do I install Node.js onto my computer you ask?  This is how if you dont’ have it.

  1. Node.js Installed?  Check if Node.js is installed on your machine. As an example this is a Windows machine that does not have Node.js installed on it. You can check this by opening a Command Line window (type CMD into Run) and typing node. This is the error you should see.No Node.JS
  2. Download Node.js.  You now know you need to install Node.js.  Go to Pick the version you need to download.  If you don’t know which version, just pick the type of computer you are using. Pick Macintosh Installer if you are using an Apple computer and pick Windows Installer if you are using a computer with Microsoft Windows installed on it.3-1-2015 7-09-30 AM
  3. Install Node.js. Follow the instructions that popup. If you are unsure, just click the Next button a few times to accept the default instructions to complete installing Node.js. On a Windows you may run into a popup window that says if you want to install Node.js. Click Yes. Once completed, click Finish.3-1-2015 7-18-58 AM3-1-2015 7-25-17 AM

    3-1-2015 7-28-31 AM

    Check if Node.js is installed by open a new Command Line (terminal) window.
    3-1-2015 7-43-23 AM

    Type node –version and this is what you should see if Node.js was installed properly!3-1-2015 7-48-43 AM

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