How to install Firmata on your Arduino

This tutorial will help you install Firmata onto your Arduino product.

  1. Open the Arduino program (IDE).3-1-2015 8-41-32 AM
  2. Load Firmata.  Load the Firmata sketch by opening up Examples and finding the StandardFirmata sketch.
    3-1-2015 8-44-00 AMYou should see this popup on your computer.3-1-2015 8-46-20 AM
  3. Connect your Arduino.  Plug your Arduino into your computer.Arduino-Plug-it-in
    Be sure to check if your Arduino is plugged in properly and you have set the Arduino program (IDE) to talk to the board. You can do this by looking under the Tools Meu and checking. You can check if your Arduino is plugged in by clicking. If the Port Menu is grayed out you do not have your Arduino board connected.3-1-2015 8-57-00 AMOnce you have connected the Arduino board you should see it show up under the Tools | Port Menu.

    3-1-2015 9-00-03 AM

  4. Upload Firmata onto your Arduino.  Once Firmata is opened within the Arduino program (IDE) you install (upload) the sketch simply by clicking on the Upload button (arrow button).3-1-2015 8-46-20 AM

    You should see this as the program is processing the Firmata program and preparing to upload the sketch to the Arduino.3-1-2015 9-02-11 AMOnce the sketch has been uploaded you should see the message Done uploading with no errors. You have finished uploading Firmata to your Arduino!

    3-1-2015 9-05-49 AM

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