How to Connect your ESP8266 to a Wi-Fi Router or AP

This is a tutorial on how to connect your newly purchased ESP8266 to your Wi-Fi router or AP.

Be sure to complete the following How to connect to the ESP8266 using a FTDI adapter before beginning this article.In order to connect your ESP8266 to your W-Fi router or AP you can follow these simple steps.

To do this you need to issue the command AT+CWJAP=”your_network_SSID”,”Password”.  Use your network SSID and password that is used for your network. The ESP8266 will return OK if successful.

To further check if your ESP8266 radio has successfully made a connection, type AT+CIFSR in your serial monitor to get the IP address your router issued to the radio module.  You should see something like the following if you have successfully connected to your router!


4-24-2015 5-54-04 PM 


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