NODii 2 Pair with RFM69 Radio

$ 29.95

This is the NODii 2 Pair bundle.  When purchasing a NODii, it is best to buy a pair to test wireless communications between 2 NODii boards. This is the perfect bundle if you are building a wireless sensor network that work within the Arduino ecosystem and MYSensors IOT wireless software library.

Each NODii 2 board has a built in RFM69 radio operating at 433 MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz.  Options include either the high power version RFM69HW (20dBm) or the standard power RFM69W (13 dBm).




Popular and Low Cost
A Maker's favorite, the famous ATMega32u4 - a low-power, programmable microcontroller with built in USB support.
Built-In Wireless
This Arduino compatible board has wireless built in - offering longer reach and up to 4x the distance of WiFi using 433, 869 and 915 MHz on-board radios.
Maker Friendly
Supports prototyping on standard breadboards so you can design to your heart's desire.
World-wide Appeal
Based on the famous, open hardware Arduino platform - works out of the box with all Arduino prototyping IDE and tools to help speed up making and playing. 13 digital and 6 analog IO pins.
Tested and built to support the open source MySensors platform - focused on DIY home automation and Internet of Things.
Designed to be battery powered and portable - the NODii supports high performance LiPo battery charging circuits so you can design a truly wireless node.


  • Processor: ATMega32u4
  • Power Supported: 5V and 3.3V (processor runs on 3.3V @ 8MHz)
  • LiPo Battery Charger: On board - SPX3819
  • LiPo Connector: 2 Pin battery connector (footprint on backside of PCB)
  • I/O PINs: All Pins
    • 13 Digital I/O Pins
    • 6 Analog I/O Pins
  • Flash:  32 KB
  • Clock Speed:  8 MHz
  • Mounting Holes: 4
  • Pin Headers: Included (can fit larger machine pin headers)
  • Size: 51mm (2 in) x 25.4mm (1 in)

RADIO FEATURES (included or sold separately) 

  • Chipset: HopeRF RFM69
  • Frequency: 433MHz, 868MHz, or 915MHz
  • Power Output: 13 dBm (RFM69W) or 20 dBm (RFM69HW)
  • Antenna Support: U.FL (footprint on backside of PCB)

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433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz


High Power, Standard


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