How to install Arduino in 3 easy steps

This tutorial will help you install the Arduino IDE onto your computer.

  1. Is Arduino installed?  Check if the Arduino software (IDE) is installed on your computer.3-1-2015 8-15-13 AMIf yes. You don’t need to be reading this tutorial. 🙂
  2. Download Arduino.  Go to and click on the Download tab at the top of their web page.3-1-2015 8-19-48 AMPick the correct version of Arduino to install based on your computer type.  For Apple computers click on Mac OS X, and for PC click on Windows Installer.

    3-1-2015 8-21-15 AM

  3. Install Arduino.  You should see this pop up on your screen after you complete downloading the program. Follow the instructions and click I Agree and the Install button and Arduino will begin installing on your computer. Wait a few minutes while the program installs.3-1-2015 8-27-07 AMClick on Close.
    3-1-2015 8-32-46 AM

    You should now see this icon on your computer!
    3-1-2015 8-34-08 AM


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